Cache of coins found by construction workers

Construction works in the tunnels beneath the castle hill in Oświęcim, South Poland, led to the discovery of a cache of old coins, among which one was a forgery.

Coins found in the tunnels (by

The tunnels under the hill are being prepared for a tourist route in theme of World War I, scheduled for opening in 2019.  Currently the works involve securing the hill from erosion and subsiding. The coins were discovered by an archaeologists supervising the workers. Among the artefacts are: a silver shilling of Christina, Queen of Sweden from 1650, a bronze shilling of John II Casimir Vasa minted in 1670s, a similar but false bronze shilling of John II Casimir Vasa, bronze Austro-Hungarian 1 kreutzer coin from 1881 and a zinc 10 groschen coin minted by the Nazi General Governorate in 1943.


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