Golden treasure found under cathedral’s floor

Archaeological works within the St. Martin and St. Nicholas Cathedral church in Bydgoszcz, Northern Poland, lead to the discovery of a 17th century treasure hidden under flooring in the crypt.

Cache of gold coins (by Robert Grochowski & Janusz Flemming)

Archaeologists have been working within the Bydgoszcz Cathedral for several years now, but the recent find is believed to be the most valuable yet. Robert Grochowski, who’s leading the works states that the treasure was discovered under the flooring within one of the crypts. It is believed that the trove dates back to the middle of the 17th century. Over 700 objects have been unearthed so far, including a large cache of golden coins. The youngest of the coins dates back to 1652.

Treasure found in the parish church (by Robert Grochowski & Janusz Flemming)

The researcher suspects that the trove was deposited after 1952, possibly during the Swedish invasion of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth, , part of the The Second Northern War (1655–60). The finding is believed to be the most valuable archaeological treasure ever discovered in Bydgoszcz.

The treasure trove found under flooring (by Robert Grochowski & Janusz Flemming)

Beside the valuables, archaeologists have also unearthed crypts, which they describe as very interesting. Within them burials that still await closer examination have been found. The remains are deposited in wooden coffins, but one coffin made of lead was also discovered. All the discovered objects are being carefully documented and catalogued. The researchers state that the treasure will be probably handed over to the local museum.

One of the coins (by Robert Grochowski & Janusz Flemming)
Ornamented pendant (by Robert Grochowski & Janusz Flemming)
Golden pendant (by Robert Grochowski & Janusz Flemming)

(after Robert Grochowski, Janusz Flemming & Express Bydgoski)

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