Trove of ancient coins discovered

A trove of ancient silver coins was discovered near Drelów, East Poland. The coins date back to the 2nd or 3rd century AD.

Some of the found silver coins (by Gmina Drelów)

The treasure was discovered by an individual who was hiking through the forest. He informed the local heritage authorities with which he later visited the site. They discovered some more ancient coins. Further investigations were conducted with help of a local museum, researchers and foresters, which led to the discovery of a total of 75 coins. These ancient denarii were minted in the Roman Empire between 2nd-3rd centuries AD, and are believed to have been left by the Goths who settled in the area. The researchers suspect that the presence of this trove might be connected with a trade route which is believed to have run through the region. The coins are currently undergoing conservation and will be deposited in the Muzeum Południowego Podlasia (Museum of South Podlasie)

(after Gmina Drelów & Lublin112)

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