Roman wall found under five star hotel

Excavations revealed remains of an ancient Roman wall in the courtyard of the Grand Hotel and Spa York in York, northern United Kingdom. The discovery was made during building of the hotels new extension – appropriately named Roman House.

Neolithic houses discovered in Wales

Excavations at Llanfaethlu, West of Anglesey, in north-west Wales, revealed a fourth Early Neolithic house (6000 years old) and extensive archaeological remains, that add up to the three Early Neolithic houses discovered in previous digs.

Burial pit with 48 Black Death victims uncovered

Excavations near near Immingham in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, revealed a mass burial pit of victims of the Black Death pandemic. Carbon dating shows that the skeletons come from 14th century while DNA tests confirmed presence of the plague bacteria.

17th-century priests hiding room visualised through 3D scans

Building survey and laser scanning of the Coughton Court gave more insight into a priest hiding hole that was first discovered in the 1850s. The building served a key role in the Gunpowder Plot of 1605 – a failed assassination attempt against James I of England and VI of Scotland by provincial English Catholics.

Ancient hilltop earthwork fortifications found in Japan

Japanese archaeologist found ancient earthworks that might be first hard evidence to existence of a 7th century walled city. The fortifications possibly surrounded the city of Dazaifu, or the regional government in the Kyushu region, northern Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.