Early Bronze Age burial of a noblewoman found in Siberia

Archaeologists excavating a burial ground in the Russian Federation’s Republic of Khakassia in eastern Siberia discovered a burial of a woman buried 4500 years ago. The Early Bronze Age burial was equipped with an incense burner decorated by solar symbols, 1,500 beads and 100 pendants made from animal teeth.

1500-year-old woman's burial reveals golden jewellery

Archaeologists reported a discovery of a 1500-year-old tomb of a woman who was adorned with unique jewellery, including a necklace of 5000 beads and golden earrings. The find was made in Datong City in China while surveying the area before a construction project.

Part of a Mexican sword discovered in Alamo

A tip of a Mexican sword was discovered during excavations at the south gate of the Alamo Mission in Texas (USA), famous for the 1836 battle during the Texas Revolution. The artefact is believed to be a part from a sword issued to a officer in the Mexican infantry.