5000-year-old seal found in Hacılar

Excavations at the site of a settlement mound near Hacilar in Burdur province, Turkey, revealed a 5000-year-old seal. The site is known for its Neolithic remains of houses made of wood and daub or mud-brick.

12th century coins discovered in Azerbaijan

A hoard of 12 century copper coins, containing 273 specimen was discovered during excavations near the village of Uzuntepe in Jalilabad region, south-eastern Azerbaijan. The coins date back to the rule of the Eldiguzid dynasty in 12th century AD.

Ancient brick vault structure discovered in Turkey

Excavations in the Izmir province, West Turkey, revealed a well-preserved brick vault structure. It was discovered in the area of the ancient Mediterranean city of Metropolis, presently between the Yeniköy and Özbet villages. The structure is a part of a bath-palaestra complex that dates back 1900 years.