Iron age gold jewellery found by detectorists

Two metal detectorists discovered three necklaces and a bracelet in Leekfrith on Staffordshire Moorlands farmland, United Kingdom. The items,  the Leekfrith Iron Age Torcs, are believed to be possibly the oldest Iron Age gold discovered in Britain.

WW2 bomb found in Thames in London

A World War 2 German bomb was discovered in London at the bank of Thames, near the Houses of Parliament. Disposal of the unexploded ordnance needed Waterloo and Westminster bridges to be closed and river traffic halted.

Scotland's Roman fort reveals new finds

Archaeologists working at and annexe of the Camelon Roman fort in Scotland discovered numerous artefacts from the period of the Roman occupation of Britain. The discoveries include Northern Gaul pottery,  socketed bolt-heads, an ox-goad, hobnails and a possible oven.