Rare idol found in Indian village

Several idols, including a rare Yoga Narasimha (an avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu) idol, were found in Penpahad village, Telangana, India. The finds date to between 1st-3rd century AD.

1000-year-old burials discovered

Estimated to be 1000 years old burial urns called mudhumakkal mhazhi, pieces of bones and a structure resembling ground water well were found in Thillaiyadi neighbourhood of Tharangambadi town, Tamil Nadu, India.

4000-year-old copper axes discovered in India

Six copper axes and some pieces of pottery discovered at Rampur Maniharan site in Sakatpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. Archaeologists believe they might indicate the existence of a separate culture that straddled the Ganges-Yamuna Culture, contemporary with the Indus Valley Civilisation (3300-1700 BC).