Numerous finds from a castle in northern Iran

Archaeological investigation in the village of Natel Kenar Olia, by the city of Nour, northern Iran, resulted in numerous finds, among which are different architectural remains, including establishment of a castle, pottery dated to of the 3rd-4th centuries, and a glass seal with inscriptions in Kufic.

Iranian rock art may be 40000 years old

Iranian archaeologists discovered numerous ancient rock art sites across the country. Among the art are depictions of ancient hunters, tribal dances, cup marks, possible deities and beasts. But their date of creation is uncertain.

12th century coins discovered in Azerbaijan

A hoard of 12 century copper coins, containing 273 specimen was discovered during excavations near the village of Uzuntepe in Jalilabad region, south-eastern Azerbaijan. The coins date back to the rule of the Eldiguzid dynasty in 12th century AD.

Ancient air conditioning found in Kuwait

An interior cooling system of a house, dated to 7th-9th century has been found by Slovak archaeologists during excavations at the al-Kusur settlement on the Failaka Island in the Persian Gulf (Kuwait). Archaeologists from the Archaeological Instituteof the Slovak Academy of Sciences studied and documented the largest inhabitable settlement building at the site.