Ancient hilltop earthwork fortifications found in Japan

Japanese archaeologist found ancient earthworks that might be first hard evidence to existence of a 7th century walled city. The fortifications possibly surrounded the city of Dazaifu, or the regional government in the Kyushu region, northern Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.

Ancient coin found at Hokkaido

A special coin was unearthed at the Shari village in Hokkaido, Japan. It dates back 1200 years and suggests contacts between the Okhotsk culture of northern Hokkaido and Japan’s main island of Honshu as early as the ninth century.

Probably the oldest-known axe found in Australia

Archaeologists from The Australian National University discovered fragments from the edge of the world’s possibly oldest-known axe. The discovery was made in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The artefact dates back between 46000 and 49000 years, around the time people first arrived on the continent.