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Welcome to Archaeofeed – the site dedicated to aggregate recent news on archaeology from all over the world. Run by archaeologists for both non-scientific publicity and experts, this non-profit, open access, community-friendly news site is devoted to bringing you the news selection of the most interesting archaeological discoveries and exclusive content.

Submitting your news

News and articles sent to us should be focused on archaeological discoveries, finished or ongoing research with produced – even initial – results. Pictures or graphics are obligatory to illustrate the presented issue. Please remember to keep both the text and the graphics in reasonable size. If you wish to submit your news for publication, please note that we reserve the right to edit the text and sent pictures.

Archaeofeed also reserves the right to dismiss any submitted content that is found unsuitable for publication by the editors. Please remember to provide a short description for each picture. By submitting your content you confirm that you own the rights to the presented material and agree to changes by Archaeofeed’s editorial office. The submitted material will be available after publication in the Featured News section.

Privacy regulations

Full copyrights to any materials published on this site remain in the property of the authors, mentioned in the cited sources in each publication.


All posts published on the site pass through moderation, due to spam and ad-bots. As a result, publication of posts might be delayed. Nevertheless, we encourage you to leaving your opinions on the presented issues.

Additional note for Polish archaeology submission
Dodatkowe informacje dla zgłaszania treści o polskiej archeologii

Archaeofeed publikuje treści związane z odkryciami na terenie Polski oraz za granicą, w których udział brali polscy archeolodzy. Nadsyłane zgłoszenia mogą mieć formę tekstu zarówno w języku angielskim jak i polskim. Treści te są tłumaczone na język angielski przez zespół redakcyjny Archaeofeed.com. Treści dotyczące archeologii w Polsce wyróżnione są w postaci stosownej zakładki i kategorii Archaeology in Poland oraz Polish Archaeologists Worldwide.


To contact our office or submit your material, please send an email to:

archaeofeed[at]gmail.com or use the contact form provided below

Chief Editor of Archaeofeed.com



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    I would like to suscribe to news from Archeofeed.com, please.
    I am interested in all archeological news.
    I have a PhD in Physics and am retired
    Thank you

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      Hello Mal,
      Unfortunately, our site does not provide subscriptions for our readers yet. At one point, when there are more people interested in such form of connection with Archaeofeed, we may introduce such feature. Until then, we would like to invite you to visit often, check the RSS feed and our (most often) daily news updates. Thanks for staying with us and we hope you will find many interesting news in the future.
      -The Staff of Archaeofeed.

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