A Markomannic warrior grave unearthed in Czech Republic

A burial of a supposedly important Marcomanni warrior was found in North-western Czech Republic by Polish Archaeologists. The team from Institute of Archaeology of University of Rzeszów carried out excavations near Nezabylice at a burial ground being ca. 2000-years-old. During few last years of excavations at the site archaeologist have found numerous burials, bu the newly found one is unique as only one analogical one was recently documented. The site was discovered by metal detectorists in 2010 and so far archaeological excavations unearthed numerous burials and many artefacts such as swords, parts of shields, bronze vessels or fibulae. Polish archaeologists joined the Czech colleagues from Most and Chomutovo in 2012.

The site during excavations (by A. Půlpánová-Reszczyńska)
The site during excavations (by A. Půlpánová-Reszczyńska)

The newly discovered grave chamber was paved with stones and the body was placed there in a wooden coffin. Behind the man’s head two vessels were placed, one made of clay and the other of bronze with bird heads decorations. The man was over 180 cm high and wore cloths held together with a fibula and a ornamented belt buckle. The archaeologist connect this grave with the aristocracy of the Marcomanni who created a state in 1st century AD and used to bury their kin in such rich burials.

(after Nauka w Polsce & A. Půlpánová-Reszczyńska)

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