A grave without any parallel in central Europe found

A burial found at a Mesolithic site in Germany has revealed remains of a young man positioned in it in an upright position. The site, dated back to 7000 years ago is located near the village of Groß Fredenwalde,  about 50 miles north of Berlin, on top of a rocky hill. Nine skeletons have been excavated so far, including five children younger than 6 years and the 8,400-year-old skeleton of a 6-month-old infant, with arms still folded across the chest.

Picture of the burial (by Seeker)
Picture of the burial (by Seeker)

The site was one of the first true cemeteries in Europe, used by native central European hunter-gatherers and fisherman from about 6400 B.C. to 500 B.C. The upright positioned burial is without any parallel in central Europe.

(after Seeker)

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