Oldest bone tools found in China

Archaeologists from Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Université de Bordeaux presented the results of analysis of  17 bone tools recovered the Palaeolithic site of Ma’anshan Cave, Guizhou Province (Southern China). They seem to be the oldest formal bone tools from China, and the barbed points are amongst the oldest known outside Africa, dated 35000 to 18000 BC.

Bone tools found in China (by PhysOrg)
Bone tools found in China (by PhysOrg)

The bone tools were shaped by scraping, grinding, and in strata 5 and 3, finished by polishing. Among the finds are sharp awls, six probable spear points, a cutting tool and barbed points of two types.

Bone tools found in China (by PhysOrg)
Bone tools and usage ware marks one them (by PhysOrg)

(after PhysOrg)

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