3000-year-old bronze bracelets found in Western Poland

A metal detectorist has found a deposit of two bronze bracelets during illegal search near the Trzcianka village located in the valley of the Noteć river. The detectorist secured the find and reported it to the local heritage authorities handing the artefacts over and presenting the hoard’s location. The experts dated the find to the period of transition from the Bronze to the Iron Age, that took place about 3000 years ago.

Bronze bracelets found in Trzcianka (by R. Bartkowiak)

The region where the find was made in that particular period was the area of intense trade and movement of peoples along the Noteć river. More finds of this kind were made in the Western Pomerania region, and only a few are known from the Greater Poland region, where Trzcianka is located. The hoard was deposited near a stream, which indicates it could have had a votive character for a local deity.

The bracelets state of preservation is very good with their surface covered with patina. The artefacts have underwent necessary conservation. They were passed to The Muzeum Ziemi Nadnoteckiej in Trzcianka and soon are to be put on display in that institution.

(after Nauka w Polsce & R. Bartkowiak)

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