Over one hundred fortifications found in Sudetes

Archaeologists from Institute of Archaeology of the University of Warsaw and Collegium Polonicum in Słubice discovered over one hundred fortifications in the Sudetes – a mountain range in Southern Poland. The types of documented features range from simple trenches from World War II to medieval forts. Among the finds a medieval castle is present and rare fortifications erected during the Hussite Wars in 15th century.

Relics of a trench (by Michał Filipowicz)
Relics of a trench (by Michał Filipowicz)

During a two-year project the researchers  documented fortifications in the area of Silesia, a historically important region in Southern Poland. Some of the documented features were already known (and some falsely labelled), yet most were not present in official registries. The structures were created in different periods and represent various forms of fortifications, but most of the features originate from 18th century.

(after Nauka w Polsce & Michał Filipowicz)

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