Polish monuments presented on a new official website

National Heritage Board of Poland (Narodowy Instytut Dziedzictwa) launched a website dedicated to present the national heritage monuments that are listed in the official registry. The website www.zabytek.pl contains entries on over 24000 monuments, that date from Stone Age to 20th cent. Each entry contains the description, modern and archive galleries. Groups of monuments can be viewed depending on their function or chronology.

Presentation of www.zabytek.pl website (by NID)
Presentation of www.zabytek.pl website (by NID)

The monuments are presented as visualisations or three-dimensional movies. The 3D models can be rotated and moved to study the details. Mobile devices connected with the website can receive the information about the shortest route  from the user’s location to the desired monument’s location.

The portal is the effect of cooperation between experts from NID and enthusiasts of the Wiki Lubi Zabytki community project patronized by NID in 2011-2014.  The database contains architecture, historical monuments, archaeological sites and places from the UNESCO World Heritage list.

(after Nauka w Polsce & NID)

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