300-year-old coins found in Northern Poland

A metal detectorist has discovered a trove of 10 coins and a ring with signs of golden alloy while doing a survey in a forest near Iława (Northern Poland). He notified the local Museum in Ostróda which officials identified the coins as silver ones from 1670, 1683, 1686, 1668, 1700, 1701, 1703, 1707, 1710 and 1711. Most of them were issued in Prussia, other ones were issued by the Habsburgs. The ring found among the coins contains initials “ED” which might connect it with the owner.

Artefacts found by detectorists (by Michał Młotek)
Artefacts found by detectorists (by Michał Młotek)

The coins were found in the roots of a tree a few metres beside an old tract. The survey with metal detectors was made by a local detectorist group that cooperates with the local Heritage Office in Olsztyn. Its members have previously made discoveries and notified the officials of such items as Early Medieval coins, Teutonic Order’s coins or finds from the Napoleonic Wars Era. The items are on display in the Museum in Ostróda.

(after Nauka w Polsce & Michał Młotek)

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