Unknown tunnel discovered at a 13th cent. monastery

Renovation works at Henryków village (South-eastern Poland) unearthed a previously unknown tunnel. The city is known for numerous monuments, such as a13th cent. Cistercian abbey. It is a historic place  in which the first book containing a written sentence in Polish, called Księga Henrykowska (The Book of Henryków), listed in UNESCO’s Memory of the World International Register, was created. A recent construction dig made with heavy equipment across a modern road revealed the wall of the tunnel.

Construction site where the discovery was made (by TVN 24)
Construction site where the discovery was made (by TVN24)

Closer examination revealed that the structure can be dated to 19th century and is probably connected with modern underground infrastructure. Experts from the local heritage office stated that it served probably as a drainage tunnel.

(after TVN24)

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