Yinxu oracle site reveals remains of a canal

Chinese archaeologists discovered a complete canal system in the ancient capital of Shang Dynasty, Yin. The site located in Yinxu, Henan Province is dated to 1600-1046 BC. So far archaeological works revealed ruins of the bustling ancient city with a two and half kilometre canal running through its centre.  The ancient city was placed in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2006.

The canal discovered in Yin (after New China)
The canal discovered in Yin (byNew China)

The 4-meter-deep main canal channelled water from the Huanhe River from Northwest to Southeast and was up to 6 meters wide. It was equipped with dams to control the water flow. At the eastern end, the canal breaks down into many branches which wind their ways through workshops for making bronze-ware, bone articles and pottery. In addition to the canal, archaeologists have exposed the city’s road system, composed of two South-North arterial roads and three East-West roads. These main roads run through the palace and temple area, where there are also ruins of a public square. The two South-North roads are 10 and 20 meters wide. A future heritage park at the site is planned by the authorities.

(after New China)

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