Ancient ballista ball from Bar-Kochba revolt discovered

During excavations at Gush Etzion site, south of Jerusalem, Israel, a stone ballista ball was discovered, possibly dating to the times of the Bar-Kochba revolt (132-136 AD) against the Roman Empire.

The stone ballista ball presented at the site (by The jerusalem Post)
The stone ballista ball presented at the site (by The Jerusalem Post)

Archaeologists from the Kfar Etzion Field School discovered the artefact during excavation at the Gush Etzion site. The projectile is said to have been used in an ancient shooting machine called a ballista. Israel Antiquities Authority states that so far some 2000 such projectiles were found in the country, being evidence of numerous battles in the ancient times. The Bar-Kochba revolt was the third and final uprisings against the Romans due to religious and political persecution, that ended in a massive depopulation of the communities inhabiting the Judean Hills.

(after The Jerusalem Post)

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