Burial chamber with a sarcophagus were discovered on Luxor’s west bank

Archaeologists discovered the burial chamber while conducting cleaning work in the tomb of the 25th Dynasty Thebes Mayor Karabasken in Asasif, on Luxor’s west bank in Egypt. The burial chamber contained the sarcophagus of the mentioned ancient Egyptian official.

The chamber with the sarcophagus (by Ahram Online)
The chamber with the sarcophagus (by Ahram Online)

The sarcophagus is of a Kushite origin and was carved in plain red granite. It does not bear any engravings or paintings. Its lid is slightly damaged, indicating attempts to break into it at some point in antiquity. The interior was flooded in the past. Future cleaning work will reveal if any fragments of the wooden coffin or other burial equipment are still preserved. The find is said to be an unique example of Kushite sarcophagi in an elite tomb.

(after Ahram Online)

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