Mosaic floor discovered at an ancient Roman city in Turkey

Archaeologists excavating in the Prusias ad Hypium site near Aynalı in Düzce district of Turkey revealed remains of a Roman villa containing a mosaic floor. The find in the ancient Roman city is dated to between 300-400 AD.

Mosaic floor at Prusias ad Hypium (by Huriyet Daily News)
Mosaic floor at Prusias ad Hypium (by Huriyet Daily News)

The villa is located in the border region of the city. The building was richly decorated and was quipped with a bath in its courtyard and a pool. Few Roman coins were also found at the site. The unearthed mosaic covers an area of 128 square metres. It contains complicated geometrical patterns. Damaged parts of the mosaic are said to be secured, partially removed and exposed in the museum, meanwhile other parts will be repaired and displayed at the original place.

(after Huriyet Daily News)

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