Obsidian hand axes discovered in Oregon

Archaeologists discovered 15 obsidian hand axes while conducting excavations in the Willamette Valley in Oregon, USA. These tools are first of their kind discovered in the region. The find was initially made by the local landowner who informed the Oregon State Historical Preservation Office.

Stone tool discovered in Oregon (by The Oregonian)
Stone tool discovered in Oregon (by The Oregonian)

The obsidian tools are bifacial axes, meaning they have sharpened, symmetrical cutting edges at both sides. They are estimated to be between 1000-4000 years old. Of approximately 35000 recorded archaeological sites in Oregon, only few contained of biface tool caches. The archaeologists were able to determine the origin of the obsidian used for the tools. The volcanic glass  material is said to likely originate from the Obsidian Cliffs in the Central Oregon Cascades.

(after The Oregonian)

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