1700-years-old mosaic found in Turkey

An impressive mosaic was found near Simav, Kütahya province, West Turkey, in an area destroyed by fire in 2005. The mosaic, depicting various animals, is said to date back to 2th-3rd century AD, to the Roman Period.

Details of the mosaic (by The Anatolia News Agency)
Details of the mosaic (by The Anatolia News Agency)

The mosaic has been found underneath a burned house, dubbed “the house of the mosaic”. The excavations and preservation of the find are conducted by the Kütahya Museum Directorate. The area is being cleared of the debris to reveal the full extent of the mosaic. Next to the find, traces of Roman Period walls were also found, indicating that remains of a lavish house of rich people from that period might be located at the site. The mosaic depicts a lion, a elephant and a ram

(after The Anatolia News Agency)

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