2000-year-old drum discovered in Vietnam

A bronze drum, believed to be 2500-2000 years old, was discovered in Vinh Loc district, the central province of Thanh Hoa, Vietnam. The ancient musical instrument was discovered during construction works.

2000-year old drum (by Vietnam Plus)
2000-year old drum (by Vietnam Plus)

The drum measures 59 centimetres in diameter and is 43 centimetres high. Its surface is decorated with various motifs, including a 12-point star pattern. The artefact is not intact due to oxidation. It seems to be a Heger Type I drum of the Dong Son culture. Beside it a 40-centimetre-long blade was also found. The drum is very typical for the Vietnamese’s Dong Son culture of the Iron Age. They are usually large, showing high production skills and aesthetics.

(after Vietnam Plus)

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