Archaeologists in Bangladesh unearthed a 800-year-old temple

Excavations in Kaharole, Dinajpur district, Bangladesh, revealed a temple believed to be at least 800-years-old. The structure contains unique architectural features and is a place where an idol of the Vishnu avatar Mohini was found.

Madhabgaon Vishnu temple (by Dhaka Tribune)
The Vishnu temple (by Dhaka Tribune)

The temple is the first of its kind discovered in the eastern subcontinent. The building contains a feature called Navarath, sets of nine facets on all four sides. Beside that the temple contains two additional sub-facets, called  Uparath, behind each outermost facet. It is characteristic of Kalinga architecture of the 11th and 12th century eastern India. A chamber measuring 12 by 12 metres was discovered on the west side and is the place where worship was possibly held.The find marks the first nine-facet-temple found in Bangladesh. Earlier a five-faceted temple, called Pancharath, was found in Dinajpur’s Nababganj.

Nine facets of the temple (by Dhaka Tribune)
Nine facets of the temple (by Dhaka Tribune)

Among the finds from the site are cult objects and depictions of the deities, such as a Mohini idol, a Shankha in Vishnu’s hand, a Sudarshana Chakra, a mace and a part of a Vishnu idol’s foot adorned in garland. In Hindu mythology, Mohini is the only female Avatar of the god Vishnu, who appears in the Samudra Manthan myth that explains the origin of amrita, the drink of immortality. The goddess is worshipped widely in South and West India.

Architectural details of the temple  (by Dhaka Tribune)
Architectural details of the temple (by Dhaka Tribune)

(after Dhaka Tribune)

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