Building site in Plymouth reveals Bronze and Iron Age artefacts

Excavation site in Sherford, on the eastern edge of Plymouth, south-western United Kingdom, revealed numerous artefacts dated to the Bronze and Iron Age, including the Roman occupation period.

Excavations at the site (by Plymouth Hereld)
Excavations at the site (by Plymouth Herald)

Archaeologists discovered archaeological features left by roundhouses,  homes prehistoric farming communities. Also two Early Bronze Age (2400-1600 BC) burial mounds were discovered. They contained cremated remains of an individual, in a decorated pottery vessel.

Iron Age comb (by Plymouth Hereld)
Iron Age comb (by Plymouth Herald)

Small finds from the excavations include flintwork dating back to 8500-4000 BC, Iron Age personal cosmetic objects, such as a comb made of bone, remains of a pewter dish, and numerous shards of Middle Bronze Age Treviskar Ware pottery.

Pewter dish (by Plymouth Hereld)
Pewter dish (by Plymouth Herald)

(after Plymouth Herald)

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