Early Medieval graves found by the church in England

Excavations by the 12th century Holy Trinity Church in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, south-western United Kingdom, revealed Early Medieval graves. The inhumations, dated to the 9th century AD provide evidence for Christian burials in the area.

Graves found in Bradford upon Avon (by Wiltshire Times)
Graves found in Bradford on Avon (by Wiltshire Times)

Archaeologists documented mostly Georgian and Victorian Era graves that were predominant on the site in an area where an old boiler house was located. The graves were discovered after removal of the floor of the structure. Two graves, discovered in the lowest parts of the trench were confirmed by radiocarbon dating as the ones dating back to the Anglo-Saxon times. The earliest burial remains include men, women and children and were well-nourished, and fit and healthy.

The archaeologists also believe that they might have found the area where the lost minster church was established in 710 AD by the bishop and scholar St Aldhelm. The excavations are a part of a renovation project set to transform the 12th century church into a versatile venue for the community.

(after Wiltshire Times)

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