Excavations at ancient city reveal remains of cosmetic shops

Archaeologists working at the ancient Greek city of Antandros, located in the western slopes of Kaletaşı Hill, near Altınoluk in Turkey’s Balıkesir Province, revealed numerous finds, including remains of ancient shops which sold cosmetics.

Finds at the ancient city of Antandros (by Hurriyet Daily News)
Finds at the ancient city of Antandros (by Hurriyet Daily News)

 Eight shops in the southern part of the city were found. Two of these shops were excavated. Within them bowls in good condition were discovered. It is understood that the shops were mostly used for the sale of food, cosmetics and ceramic products. They were owned by private individuals. The excavations this season also focused on finding the entrance of a Roman villa and finding the dimensions of the house. The area of the villa covers  some 1200 square meters.

(after Hurriyet Daily News)

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    That’s fantastic. They also used cosmetics but not everybody are aware of this. I thought that in Turkey everything has been found! Waiting for more news from there.

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