Excavations where boars dug out Medieval artefacts

A farmer from Bukowno Stare, southern Poland, whose grounds were dug up by boars discovered unearthed archaeological artefacts. After releasing the finds’ images into the internet archaeologists contacted him and conducted excavations at the place.

Excavations at the site (by Polska Times)
Excavations at the site (by Gazeta Krakowska)

Boars dug up an area after farmer’s barn. When the man started levelling the area he started discovering peculiar lead objects with a hole in the middle. After he finished the objects were photographed and posted on the internet. A local archaeologist, Dariusz Rozmus, of the Muzeum Miejskie “Sztygarka” in Dąbrowa Górnicza recognised Medieval artefacts among the finds, so he contacted the man and received permission to conduct excavations.

Finds from the excavations (by Polska Times)
Finds from the excavations (by Polska Times)

Archaeological excavation revealed numerous lead weights and side-products of casting metals. The objects with the hole might have served as weights as well or were used as commodity money in the 10th-11th centuries. Aside of that, pieces of pottery from Early Medieval times, dated to between 11-12th century and more modern from 18th century were discovered. They show that the area was occupied since a very long time ago. Other finds include slags of iron, which confirm the presence of Early Medieval lead and silver metallurgy. Further excavations at the site are scheduled for the future.

The area of boar activity (by Polska Times)
The area of boar activity (by Gazeta Krak0wska)

(after Gazeta Krakowska & Polska Times)

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