New Etruscan tombs discovered near the famous necropolis

Archaeologists discovered 17 new tombs at a site called Poggetto Mengarelli near the Etruscan necropolis at Vulci, Viterbo province of Italy. The presence of the tombs was indicated by illegal activities by the looters of ancient artefacts.

Etruscan tomb discovered at Vulci (by Ansa)
Etruscan tomb discovered at Vulci (by ANSA)

The tombs are said to contain a variety of ornaments and jewellery left by relatives of the deceased. They include silver rings, bronze ornaments and vases discovered in a man’s tomb. Another tomb, belonging to a young woman, contained gold earrings and two siren statues. Further burials nearby held a bronze mirror and other metal objects such as rings and a painted vase. The objects are said to be extremely varied and to cross the entire history of the material culture of the Etruscans. The excavations are said to be continued and new finds are expected to be uncovered.

(after ANSA)

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