Underwater archaeologists discover ancient plates off Turkey’s South shore

Archaeologists conducting underwater excavations in the area of Turkey’s Antalya province’s shore have discovered a trove of 800-900-years-old pottery on the sea floor. The pottery is of very fine craftsmanship and contains fish and flower motifs unique to the era.

Plates found off shore of Antalya (by Hurriyet Daily News)
Plates found off shore of Antalya (by Hurriyet Daily News)

Some of the plates carry the same designs but are different in sizes. The trove found off Adrasan district’s shore were scattered over an area of 15 to 20 meters. The plates were possibly manufactured in two different places as two different techniques can be observed on them. About 100 unbroken and 300 broken plates had been removed. It is believed that the ship carrying the plates had possibly been caught in a storm but the wreckage has not yet been found. It is possible that it didn’t survive until present day due to erosion on the sea’s floor.

(after Hurriyet Daily News)

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