World War I artillery shells unearthed by draught in Israel

A swimmer at a resort located at the southern corner of Sea of Galilee, Israel, discovered five World War I artillery shells. They are said to probable have been dumped by retreating Turkish troops a century ago.

Artillery shells from Sea of Galilee (by Daily Sabah)
Artillery shells from Sea of Galilee (by Daily Sabah)

The draught that reduced rainfall in the Galilee region lasts for two years now, but can result also in discoveries of artefacts of past human activities, such as the unexploded shells. After the discovery Police was notified and the shells were taken away from the site. Demolition experts safely detonated the shells afterwards. Turkish forces controlled Palestine during the times of Ottoman Empire, but were defeated in battles in the Galilee in 1918. It is likely possible that the Turks abandoned the shells when they lightened their load as they fled from the British army.


(after Daily Sabah)

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