Iron Age Tamil site reveals numerous finds in South India

Archaeologists discovered an ancient site, dating back to 3rd century BC, in Keezhadi near Sivaganga, Tamil Nadu state, South India. The site is said to be the relics of the Vaigai river civilisation in Sangam period.

The Keezhadi site (by Deccan Chronicle)
The Keezhadi site (by Deccan Chronicle)

Researchers discovered layers of brick structures, wells, storages, drainage lines and mud vaults dated to the Sangam Age. Numerous artefacts discovered at the site include shells, glass, beads, rusted old coins, weapons, pottery of various kinds and small tools made of bones and iron. Notable finds include jewellery, fine gem stones, semiprecious stones and a dozen Tamil Brahmi inscriptions found on pottery, containing names of individuals (f. ex. Udhiran). many artefacts contain fish symbols, which may be an indication of the site being an early Pandiya kings’ settlement before they shifted to present Madurai. Since February the Archaeological Survey of India team excavating the site, identified nearly 293 Sangam Age towns along the course of river Vaigai .

(after Deccan Chronicle)

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