Prehistoric graves on the Isle of Man studied by modern archaeological technology

Archaeologist at Isle of Man apply modern prospection techniques to study mounds that range from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age. These methods include LiDAR measurements, geophysics and DNA analysis.

Geophysical magnetic survey (by BBC News)
Geophysical magnetic survey (by BBC News)

The survey project is aimed at prospecting the round mounds, created between 5000-4000 years ago, as well as to see how these structures relate to a wider collection of monuments across Britain and Ireland. The archaeologists from Leicester and Newcastle universities will examine more than 160 round mounds spread across the island. Moreover, DNA of human remains will be also analysed to determine age, sex and pathology of those buried on the island up to 5000 years ago.

Cremated bones (by BBC News)
Cremated bones from Isle of Man (by BBC News)

(after BBC News)

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