Ancient Edessan mosaics fully revealed – a follow-up

Excavations in the rock tombs around Urfa Castle in province of Şanlıurfa, Turkey, finally completed unearthing mosaics dating back to the times of the Kingdom of Osroene.

(by AA photo via Hurriyet Daily News)
Mosaics from Edessa (by AA photo via Hurriyet Daily News)

The site of excavations is located within the boundaries of the ancient city of Edessa, the capital of Kingdom of Osroene. After the first tombs were discovered about 10 months ago, the archaeologists managed to find nearly 80 more rock tombs. Some of them contained mosaics depicting the dead people. The mosaics and rock tombs that feature Syriac inscriptions and fine engravings are believed to date back to when Edessa was the capital of Kingdom of Osroene, between 132 BC and 639 AD,

(after Hurriyet Daily News & AA photo)

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