Ancient prophecy centre in Klaros researched

Since the discovery in 1907, the excavations in Klaros in Menderes district of the western Turkish province of İzmir unearthed one of the centres of ancient belief since the 13th century BC and an oracle centre of Apollo during ancient Greek times.

Klaros (DHA photo via Hurriyet Daily News)
Klaros (DHA photo via Hurriyet Daily News)

The belief centre  established in the 13th century BC at the time of the Mycenaean civilization. After Christianity became widespread before the 4th century AD, Klaros became the most important centre in the religion. Along with the ones in Delphi and Didyma in Greece, Klaros was one of three most important oracle centres in the ancient world. It is known that Klaros was established upon the order of Delphi prophecy centre, but nothing related to the Mycenae civilization era has been found in Greece. Artefacts from this civilization were found during the latest excavations in Klaros, which revealed that Klaros was the oldest prophecy centre in the world. The ancient oracle centre was dedicated to Apollo, the god of prophecy. The centre was established on top of a fountain of boiling water and in the middle of an area surrounded by laurels but it lost its effect after the spread of Christianity.

(after Hurriyet Daily News & DHA photo)

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