Ancient writing found at a 2500-years-old site in India

Ancient script found on 5th-century-BC artefacts found by archaeologists at Periya Thadagam, Tamil Nadu State, South India.

(by The Times of India)
Artefact with the remains of ancient scripture (by The Times of India)

The site is located on farm land near the village. Archaeologists found there a megalithic site, three years ago. A closer study revealed ancient debris among which a few objects containing ancient scriptures were documented. Archaeologists also discovered pot-like structures called “thaali”, in which adults and children were buried. Inside these structures bones of the deceased and some ornaments including shell bangles and earrings made out of clay were found. A ring and an ornament stand containing writings that strongly resembled the Brahmi script were found inside one of the urns. Radiocarbon dating revealed that the scriptures found carved on the surface of an ornamental stand have existed since 5th century BC. According to the experts, these finds prove that the Dravidian people, native speakers of any of the Dravidian languages of South India, may have been literate as early as 2500 years ago.

(after The Times of India)

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