Oldest Bronze Age relics from South Korea

Archaeologists discovered Korean Peninsula’s oldest Bronze Age site in Jeongseon, Gangwon Province, South Korea. The site dates back to the 13th century BC, the Early Bronze Age.

Artefacts from Jeongseon (by The Dong-A  Ilbo)
Artefacts from Jeongseon (by The Dong-A Ilbo)

Archaeologists from Gangwon Research Institute of Cultural Properties discovered a total of 109 relics from the Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age during excavations launched in March. Among the artefacts are ornaments and jewellery dating back to 13-11th centuries BC, based on radiocarbon dating. The four bronze ornaments resemble thin bronze rings and jade tubes. Those resembling jade tubes were the first to be discovered on the Korean Peninsula. The ornaments are said to be significantly meaningful in that unique bronze ornaments were found in Jeongseon, far from China, and are believed to have been locally manufactured rather than imported. According to the experts, the latest findings push the first use of bronze ware in what is now South Korea back by about 300 years.

(after The Dong-A  Ilbo)

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