Skeleton of a 5th century worker discovered on a Cycladic island

A human skeleton was discovered by archaeologists on an uninhabited island of Despotiko in the Cyclades. The experts believe it belongs to a 5th century worker at the ancient temple.

The skeleton found on Despotkio island (by Greek Reporter)
The skeleton found on Despotiko island (by Greek Reporter)

The remains were found during restoration work on an ancient temple on the island. The experts believe it belongs to a worker because the individual was buried without offerings and it seems the burial took place near the place of work in 550 BC, at the north wall. The skeleton has been sent for anthropological examination. The ancient sanctuary on Despotiko is the second largest in Cyclades after the one on Delos. The remains of the temple suffered structural losses in the past as parts of it were taken by the Venetians to build their castle on the nearby island of Antiparos.

(after Greek Reporter)

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