Specialist deciphers ancient inscription of a heroic tale

An epigrapher deciphered ancient script that was engraved in stone between the inner and outer arches of the Bhadra citadel, Ahmedabad, India. The script talks about an unusual event in history during the Mughal Empire rule.

Bhadra citadel (by The Times of India)
Bhadra citadel (by The Times of India)

The script was deciphered by the former director of epigraphy with the Archaeological Survey of India. Engraved in stone the Persian calligraphy refers to two successive victories of Safi Khan, a staunch loyalist of emperor Jehangir, against deputies of Shah Jahan – Waffadar and Abdullah Khan – who tried to capture Gujarat during May and June of 1623 AD. The script explains how Safi Khan and his colleagues were suitably rewarded by Jehangir. Safi’s rank of 700 armymen and 300 horsemen was increased to 3000 armymen with 2000 horses and was bestowed the title of Safi Khan Jehangir Shahi. The script tells the story of the victory how after a few days, on June 10, 1623 AD Safi Khan and Abdullah Khan prepared for the battle. Abdullah Khan was halted by Safi Khan at Bareja. Abdullah Khan sustained defeat and fled to Baroda.

(after The Times of India)

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