Ancient idol discovered in southern India

A Panchaloha idol of Lord Saneshwara was discovered in Qutballapur village in Ranga Reddy district, Telangana state of India. The find was made accidentally by workers while digging.

Lord Saneshwara idol (by Deccan Chronicle)

A Panchaloha idol is traditionally made from five-metal alloys all of which are of sacred significance in the process of making Hindu temple idols. The idol of Lord Saneshwara was made by workers when plot owner began digging the land to build a house. The workers stopped digging as soon as the tools hit the idol and brought the sacred object to the surface. The idol is about 1 metre high and weights about 5 kilograms. As word spread, local people came to the site, offered prayers, sprinkled vermilion and broke coconuts. Police rushed to the spot to investigate the claim that the idol might have been put there by someone who wants to construct a temple on the plot. Also, the department of archaeology and museums are said to have been already notified  about the find.

(after Deccan Chronicle)

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