Burial of a female dressed in bronze jewellery for the afterlife

Burial of a young women wearing bronze jewellery, including an elaborate diadem or a crown, was found at Pydna Pieria in Macedonia. The burial is dated to the Late Bronze Age, ca. 1500-1200 BC.

The burial of a women with bronze jewellery (by Thema News)

The skeleton of the teenage girl was found a strongly contacted position in the grave. The skeleton was adorned with numerous jewels and precious items, including a necklace with glass beads and carnelian, a bracelet and three bronze rings, while pottery surrounded the interior of the grave. The most interesting one is the rare diadem. It is said to have three layers of jewels across and covered the forehead of the skeleton. Also a bronze umbilical belt was found on the young girl’s skeleton. The cause of death of the girl is still unknown to the researchers.

(after Thema News)

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