Cauldrons filled with remains of meat found in ancient tomb

A couple of pottery vessels filled with meals for the afterlife were found in an ancient tomb in Xinyang, Henan province, China. The find is dated over 2000 years to the past.

Excavations of the cauldron (by People’s Daily Online)

Experts made a preliminary evaluation that the bones found within the cauldrons come from the front limb of a cow. The two vessels are a complete set, with the “jian” vessel outside and the “fou” vessel inside. In ancient Chinese culture, the jian was used to hold water while the fou was used for wine.

Studying the find (by People’s Daily Online)

The precise date of the find was not revealed yet, but the the ruins in which the discovery was made are known to belong to the ancient state of Chu, one of the kingdoms that existed in China between 700 and 200 BC.

Removal of the cauldron from the tomb (by People’s Daily Online)
Pottery found at the site (by Asiawire)

(after Asiawire, People’s Daily Online & New Kerala)

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