Excavations at the late antiquity site in Macedonia

Excavations at Gorno Pole in Macedonia, reveals details of a late antiquity ancient city. The site is dated to the period between 4th-6th century BC.

Excavations at the site (by Telegraf)

The archaeologist, working for the first time at the site, have managed to record remains of several buildings and outline part of the defensive wall protecting the ancient city. Judging from the area that the wall encompass it is possible to state at this point that the settlement covered an area of about one hectare. Recorded sacral structure is oriented to the east with its apse set upon natural rock and constructed with limestone, chalk and brick bound together with plaster. Within the ruins, experts found a pottery shards being part of a Megarian cup.

Pottery found at the site (by Telegraf)

(after Independent & Telegraf)

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