Museum workers unearth 100-years-old skull

Workers at Atwood House Museum in Chatham, United Kingdom, discovered a century-old human skull while clearing leaves on the grounds.

The skull (by Atwood House Museum)

Police investigators called to the site stated that the  skull was so old that they didn’t consider the property a crime scene. The skull was found whole with the jawbone missing. The property was a working farm until the mid-1800. The museum is in a house that was built in the early 1750s and sits on a 30-acre lot. Eight generations of Atwoods lived there. The researchers state that it was not uncommon at the time for burial grounds to be on family property, so the skull might have been dug up by animals from a grave. Chief medical examiner’s office’s anthropologist is currently examining the skull.

The premises of the museum (by Atwood House Museum)

(after Daily Mail Online & Atwood House Museum)

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