Numerous finds at major road construction

Over 1000 burials dating back 3000 years were found by archaeologists in Paszowiece, south-western Poland. The excavations were conducted prior to construction of the major S3 road.

One of the discovered graves (by Archgeo)

The site is one of the largest Prehistoric cemeteries of the Lusatian Culture in the area. Archaeologists working at the site discovered also over 1700 pottery vessels. Some of them had painted spirals, geometrical shapes and swastikas. Most of the vessels were used as cremation urns and contains the cremated remains of Prehistoric individuals. Some of the burials did not contain such vessels, and the remains seem to have been just deposited within a dug out pit.

Collage of finds made during excavation (by Archgeo)

The cemetery seems to have functioned for over 500 years. As it is located on an arable field some of the archaeological features were found disturbed. A couple of them seem to be the remains of once impressive burial mounds that now are completely levelled, leaving only the burial chambers intact. Beside pottery vessels, the researchers also discovered a couple dozens of bronze and iron artefacts, including tools such as sickles and knives, but also jewellery like pins, bracelets, earrings and necklaces. In one of the graves an impressive bronze axe was found.

(after Nauka w Polsce & Archgeo)

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