Over 2500-years-old Jain sculptures found in southern India

Sculptures belonging to Jain Thirthankaras of the Vedic period (1500-500 BC) were found at the village of Siddenki, Telangana state in southern India. The site is located 3 kilometres away from the 2000 years old Jain Temple of Kulpakji also known as Kolanupaka.

The Jain sculptures (by Deccan Chronicle)

The sculptures were found along with some inscriptions on a hillock called “Bommala Gutta” and “Siddhula Gutta” by the locals. The sculptures belong to the Jain Thirthankaras, an omniscient Teaching God who preaches the righteous path (dharma). They area said to date to the Vedic period, representing the first Tirthankara Rishabhanatha, 23rd Tirthankara Parshvanatha and 24th Tirthankara of 599-527 BC. They were considered wise and equal to God. Details of who carved these sculptures are not known but in the vicinity of the village there are known remains of a Jain Yaksha Temple, severely damaged by treasure hunters, which may be connected to the find. It is believed that pilgrims used to visit Kolanpaka via Siddenki and Ellamla villages, and the sculptures were placed on the pilgrimage route.

(after Deccan Chronicle)

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