Remains of 2600-year-old kitchen discovered in ancient Lydian city

Excavations at the ancient city of Dascylium, Balıkesir province, West Turkey, unearthed a 2600 years old kitchen. The ancient city was once part of Kingdom of Lydia in Anatolia.

Excavations at Dascylium (after AA Photo via Daily Sabah)

The team was conducting excavations in three areas of the ancient city. Two kitchen buildings, which date back the 600 and 540 BC, were found, with one building built on top of another. The older one seems to have collapsed due to fire. The younger one was build at the same spot but it also burnt down at one point. The excavations revealed kitchenware including containers, mortars made of basalt stone, some fish bones, and seeds. They were discovered in the area where the ancient kitchen was discovered.

Excavations at Dascylium (after AA Photo via Daily Sabah)

Excavations also revealed 6,5-metre-long walls which were used to strengthen a burial mound, and also rock tombs which may be the first source to provide knowledge about local rock tombs in ancient history. The discovered architectural structures, tablets, cult objects and stoneware can be dated to the Kingdom of Lydia and Phrygians back in eight century BC.

(after Daily Sabah & AA Photo)

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